.​.​. I've Got A Rad Feelin' About This!

by The Dirt Radicals

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The debut album from The Dirt Radicals.


released August 3, 2010

All songs written and performed by The Dirt Radicals.



all rights reserved


The Dirt Radicals

A punk/rock trio based in London, UK.

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Track Name: Jakarta

Hang up the phone, another flight.
Head in the clouds, another fight.
Touchdown Medan, you swore you’d write.
I guess I’ll just wait another night…

I felt a storm begin to brew.
Despite the sky was blue, inside I knew…
I’d be destined for rain and snow…

I’ll be home tonight,
Still choking on the words from our last fight.
Give me one more chance, I’ll make things magic.
Coz I’m wrong.

Woke up to teary eyes and threw,
Clothes in a bag from round the room.
Watched from the plane as storm clouds cleared,
And slowly the sun outside appeared.

Give me a pen, I’ll write your song.
I’ll be your remedy, through melody.
I’ll give you the world back home.

Act like this never happened.
What if I never make it home?
Another flight, Another fight.
Track Name: Pack Your Bags
Pack Your Bags

It’s been two days and uh-uh-oh,
I miss you more than you could know.
You’re a block away,
But I’ve never felt so far from home and…

Since 21 this hearts been dark...
You float on in; Ignite a spark.
Light up my world, as the clouds...
Part of you won't ever get it.

I get this, we fell a long way down.
I get this, we've come a long way now.

And we’ll eat take out in the back seat,
Make out to the slow beat of a song we knew,
Back when we were 17.
Drive home; take the long way.
Go slow, we’ve only one day.
Give up the life you knew.
Pack your bags we’re never going back.

C-c-c-come on over, bring the cookie dough.
Curl up in bed, watch The Cleveland Show.
Wake up in love together,
To a lovely day with lovely weather.

After 7 years you think we’d catch a break,
The world don’t want us to work,
Our friends think we’re a mistake,
So does your dad quite likely…
And I’m pretty sure your mum don’t like me.

It’s hotter out here than anytime of year,
It’s hotter out here again.
Once colder out here, you brightened up the year.
Now it’s hotter out here again.
And one more time…
Track Name: Daddy's Disco Days
Daddy’s Disco Days

Give it up for my ole man,
It sounds like a good time.
Mirror balls and strobing lights,
He had one thing on his mind…

LSD’s and smoke machines,
Bee Gee’s songs, bell bottom jeans.
Mutton chops and Std’s,
In Daddy’s Disco Days.

D-D-D-Daddy danced like John Travolta did.
D-D-D-Daddy had quite the moves for a kid.

But now things are looking done,
The last record has been spun…

There were no Skinny Jeans or Mp3’s…
In Daddy’s Disco Days.
Daddy’s Disco Days,
A now “all-in-the-past” phase.
In Daddy’s Disco Days.
Track Name: Heart Still Beating
Heart Still Beating

Pick me up the worst is over.
The worlds still spinning round; mine’s just slower.
Bleeding myself dry just to show her.
Without you in my life I’m sinking lower down.

You can’t stop the world here from spinning round,
But you sure stop my world.

And I’ll be there, my back against the wall.
Heart still beating.
I’ll be there to catch you when you fall.
And carry you away.
When no one’s there at all.
Heart still beating.
And I’ll be there when you’re gone.

Dust me off, the worlds not ending.
I’m not saying I’m alright, but I’m done pretending.
Hang up the phone again, said you can’t do this.
I watched our hearts collide, and I can’t lose this now.

Come take a huge leap of faith, and fall inside a mistake.
I’ll be the air that you breathe; no I’m not letting you leave.
And if you believe well then there’s no need for luck.
Or if you crawl up and die, I’ll c-c-crawl up and die.
Coz baby I’m done with all these sick little games.
So take a huge leap of faith, and fall inside a mistake.
Coz this hearts still got a beat…
Track Name: Drop It!
Drop It!

Welcome in, pull a seat up, let’s begin.
We’re all dying just to make the news.
Your TV set, broadcasting what you get,
How to act and where you buy your shoes.

Give it up, give it up, give it up.
Don’t be a part of it.
Give it up, give it up, give it up.
Don’t be a part of it.

You’re breaking your back coz you want this so bad.
Breaking your back in two.
You’re breaking your back coz you want this so bad.
Breaking your back in two.

Waking up in the same burnt out rut,
Broke as ever trying to make ends meet.
Light up a smoke, another day, you’re still a joke.
Like all the other kids on your street.
Track Name: 20 Something Years
20 Something Years

I fought as I thought,But never caught what was needed.
Pretentiously wrong, I lost when i thought i succeeded.
Its all that I was for.

A minute silence for all I lost.
Another page full of jaded hopes.

I've found a place to hold
but its so cold I can barely feel it.
Has this story come too far, far from the end?
I'm losing colors from going on and on and on
I don't want to hear a word.
Woah. Woah.

Still losing sleep, Give me closure i'm dying.
Done counting sheep, To say i don't care would be lying.
Why must i always want more?
Track Name: Osaka Sundown
Osaka Sundown

This cigarette is done,
The flowers all are dead.
This train is off it's tracks.
A bullet in the head.
Another thousand miles,
With bitter, forced out smiles.
We fade away.
I'm putting down the gun,
I've said what needs be said,
Keep thinking about all our fondest memories that we shared.
Well, i don't need them.
It's been a longtime.
Here's to forever!

The sun beats down,
I'll see you round,
Forever's still forever.
The sun beats down,
I'll see you round my friend.
I'll see you around the bend.

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.
It's gibberish not words.
I don't wanna listen back,
To reasons for the hurt.
Another thousand years,
It's funny how time flies,
As we decay.
Don't wanna stay in touch,
Don't wanna hear a plead,
And i don't wanna share the same air that you breathe.
Coz i don't need you.
Wont for a longtime.
Maybe forever.

I’d say you’ve bitten off of more than you can chew.
You’ve burnt all bridges, all foundations under you.
I’m done repeating, always meeting half way too…
You’ve had your last chance say your goodbyes…
I’ll see you around the bend.
Track Name: ... Showtime!
... Showtime!

Out of place, out of phase.
We’re everything you’d die to kill, yeah.
Cutting lines and breaking signs,
And throwing up in taxi rides.

You got a buck, I got the time.
You got a point, let’s hear it.
Not a fan, of bullshit man.
I’ve got the sense down, in the can.
Woah, we’re gonna tear down tonight!

We’re good to go, we’re good to go.
We’re good to go, we’re good to go.
We’re ready to go.

Walking down Sixth Avenue,
We’re drunk but we’re not tired.
Let’s start the night,
Start it tight,
Hit the bar,
And start a riot…

Arron dropped a Jagerbomb,
Beers from “what’s her name?”.
Deb threw up,
Matt hooked up,
And Tommy pissed on the bar again.
Track Name: Killing Kate
Killing Kate

Ruled by disillusion, Fueled with the confusion.Webs of lies - i wanna rest my eyes.dead and floating face down, Sick; i need a way out.Of self-doubt, now gather round and watch me drown.

And it’s kinda hard to climb out,
When gauging all our eyes out.
We’ve forgotten how to love.

Now you’ve only got yourself to blame,
When you go and put this world to, shame on you.
Might have done too little, too late.
But It’s just so hard when you’re Killing Kate.

Hard killing conscience; Dark inside this nonsense.Lie by lie, i watch her die.Torn - i feel the guilt now. Worn - I need a way out.A fire inside wont stop the lies and rest my eyes.

And it’s kinda hard to think straight,When falling like our heart rate.We’ve forgotten how to trust.We’re all guilty of these hate crimes,
And I’ve been serving my time,
Here, forgetting how to love.

Ashamed of who I’ve been I vow to try,
To walk a straight line now;
Either way I’ll be just fine.
And she’ll be dead.

You’re face down in a pool of guilt and you can’t find your,
Way out of a room so dark, a cloud of self-doubt,
Way down and I can’t stand to watch us both drown,
Way down, down here.
Down here.

i) A Leopard In A Briefcase

Now you’ve only got yourself to blame, For this heavy heart that’s filled with shame.And i could empty out the secrets in the vault,And dip my wounds into a sea of salt but; a leopard can’t change it’s spots,I’d still hold fault - I know i would, I know i would, I know i would...

ii) The Descent To Repent

I guess i’ll just pay for all my mistakes and wake up and pray,And pray the worst is over.
Track Name: The Closure
The Closure

I see a clear blue sky, i see a ray of light;So beautiful i wish you were around.Like in the movie scenes, Like in the magazines...Would you be there if i turned around?I hear the sirens, i hear the silence...I call for you but there’s no sign of ‘who’.Hey stray, what say you? I’d stay too...If only you...

Would let me, let me c-c-closer, closer.
Or gimme, gimme c-c-closure, closure.

And I miss you more than words could ever judge,
But I know that it’s not me that holds the grudge.
Although I never thought I’d hurt this much,
I give up; I do.

Coz I know that if I meant as much to you,
This is something that you wouldn’t put me through.
So I choose to stumble down life’s dusty road,